In my first blog post I wanted to give a little more context on the Give A Cock A Home Project and why Dan and I feel so passionately about it. Over the last two and a half years I have had the pleasure in working for One Water – the UK’s leading* ethical soft drinks brand. The brain child of Duncan Goose, One Water donates 100% of its profits to fund water related projects in some of the world’s poorest countries, with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa. To date, they have donated over £14 million and changed over 4 million people’s lives…incredible!

During my time at One, I was fortunate enough to travel to Malawi on two occasions (rated the world’s poorest country last year by the World Bank) and also work alongside and get to know Duncan every day: A man who has dedicated his life to helping people. Dan and I have dreamt of embarking on this cocksure journey for some time now, but, without my time with Duncan and the One team, I don’t think we would be as well-equipped as we are now to build and maintain ethical practices, to make sure we do business the right way and give back where we can.

So it is with that background and inspiration gained that we launched the Give A Cock A Home Project in partnership with Farm Africa. If you don’t know already, for every case we sell we donate 25p and for every cask we sell we donate £1. This donation helps to provide families and aspiring entrepreneurs (just like us) with cockerels, chickens, coops and feed allowing people to provide for their families by farming chickens for meat, selling eggs and ultimately achieving sustainability. Sustainability has been one of Africa’s biggest issues when it comes to food poverty and lack of water, but now with the likes of Farm Africa and One Water who target their funding to sustainable projects, the tide is starting to change.  The UN has recently launched its Global Goals and governments and communities are beginning to understand what is required to eradicate these issues. Issues, such as water scarcity and food poverty, which shouldn’t exist in the 21st Century.

In our own style, we want the Give A Cock A Home Project to catch the attention and engage our customers and consumers in a quirky way, to help us tell the stories of others so we all can do our bit to try and help people less fortunate than us. Keep an eye out for updates and case studies as the journey continues…

*in terms of donation

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