The Beer


Alc 4.5% Available in cask, keg & can

The Taste

A sessionable pale ale with an amber appearance from the crystal malt which adds depth and presence. You’re then greeted with pine, citrus and stone fruit aromas from the hops Cascade US, alongside sweetness from Williamette. Crisp, clean and refreshing which means you can sit back, relax and keep ‘em coming!

Image of P'ale Bottle

The Experience

For us, this one has to be chilled, with a group of friends on a sunny afternoon in the garden or on the beach with the BBQ smoking away and the tunes in the background.

Image of IPA Bottle

Session IPA

Alc 4.8% Available in cask, keg & can

The Taste

This is sure to get all your senses excited. A well-balanced grain bill gives the beer an added texture and golden colour, combined with tropical aromas of watermelon, pear and blueberries have been crafted with hefty late and dry hop additions of punchy American hops, including Mosaic and El Dorado, it's your new favourite.


Alc X.X% Available in cask, keg & can

The Taste

A modern beauty, it’s as though you’re in Paris in the early 1900’s peering into the Moulin Rouge. This red ale glows with a warmth, you’re hit with lemongrass and mango aromas coming from the late hop additions of both Centennial and Summit, which is then combined with a slight spice and peppery finish from the rye. Merci!

Image of Red Bottle

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