At Cocksure Brewing Co. we're not just making great tasting beer. We're also doing our bit to help others.

We joined forces with leading international development charity, SEND A COW, and are donating £1 FROM EVERY CASK AND KEG (9G/30L), AND 50 PENCE FROM EVERY CASE (24X330ML) sold to support their AMAZING WORK.

"Send a Cow doesn’t ask communities what they need – they ask them what they’ve got.  They help people to identify and value resources they already have: their land, their families and their capacities.  Together, communities build a vision of a better future.  Then, through Send a Cow training in farming and business skills, and by tackling social issues such as gender inequality, they give them the skills to get there.  Over the last 30 years, Send a Cow has helped two million people across Africa to grow their own food, earn an income and lift themselves out of poverty, for good. It’s an approach which works and creates lasting change."

Nancy Gwavoga's story

Nancy belongs to Kitumba Mwangaza Women’s Group in Kenya.  At the start of the project she was only growing kale and a few other crops but was not managing to feed her family well.  Now she has a productive garden with several varieties of vegetable and has improved her bananas and maize crops.  Nancy says that “The old vegetables and crops were not very healthy, but these new ones are very productive”.  She is excited about the prospect of extending her plot and being able to sell vegetables.  She plans to hire a motorbike to take her and her vegetables to the local town where she can get an even higher price.  “Send a Cow has given me the idea to do this and now I have the knowledge, even if Send a Cow leaves”.  When asked what was the most important lesson she had learned from Send a Cow, Nancy replied:  “I learnt that when you grow vegetables and want to sell them, you should keep records.  It is important so that you know what your profit is.”